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What a Fantastic Reunion!

Golden Ram Alumni Band Logo

Either as a band student or an alumnus, I've been involved in all the band reunions in recent years.

Finally, we had a reunion with

  • Favorable weather (compared to 2018, when we all drowned in the rain!),

  • A winning game that was fun to watch,

  • Good music (it was my fault we didn't have "The Greatest Show," I'm sorry!!), and

  • A LOT of fun.

As an alumni group, we're picking up steam, getting the word out, and more people are coming every year. This doesn't mean it's time to stop reaching out. If you know anyone who was ever a member of the band, colorguard, or Angelettes, spread the word!

Thank you ALL for making our 2019 reunion a huge hit.

Most importantly, mark your calendars: The tentative date for next year's reunion is September 12, 2020.

I hope to see everyone there!

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